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Conscia is specialized in network and has extensive experience with design of some of the biggest and most business critical networks in business and public organizations. Conscia is a dedicated Cisco partner and has a deep specialization in Cisco’s large and industry leading network portfolio.


Core and Access

From its inception Conscia has specialized in network infrastructure from core switch to end user focusing on Cisco’s switch and router portfolio. Our highly certified team of network experts have vast experience with the newest and most complex network technologies. In the data center, Conscia is very experienced in network design with new technologies such as ACI, e.g. for management of the increased automation and convergence in the datacenter. We have also made many network designs for solutions that must support particularly high demands for bandwidth, accessibility, growth in wireless access, BYOD and security. Furthermore, we are specialized in Citrix’ NetScaler, which ensures optimal accessibility for applications and data on the network.

Conscia is also highly experienced in design and implementation of service provider networks focusing on IP IGP & BGP forwarding/routing, MPLS VPN services, scalable DNS/DHCP solutions, Carrier Grade NAT, Internet services for business and private customers, QoS and network monitoring and service provisioning.


Unified Datacenter Fabric

Because of the increasing expectations for efficiency and lower cost in the data center, convergence in the data center network is one of the major trends in the market. The disappearance of the technology silos in the data center comes with its own set of challenges, and Conscia is experienced in preparing business and organizations for the transition to the converged network, where we focus on delivering scalable and robust solutions, often alongside increased virtualization.

This is why we are also very experienced in Cisco’s Unified Fabric technologies such as FabricPath, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) & Data Center Bridging (DCB), Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) and Virtual PortChannel (vPC), while we have also implemented and designed several solutions with Cisco’s large portfolio of SAN and LAN data center switches.



Conscia is experts in Cisco Wireless solutions and have tested, designed and implemented many of the largest wireless network installations in Denmark. Cisco Wireless is the solution for organizations who has high requirements to their wireless network infrastructure. The solution is based on access points connected to a wireless LAN controller, which offers intelligence, security and efficiency with unified access. This makes it possible to handle large changes in number of devices accessing the network, ensure a high degree of robustness, e.g. by using redundant WLC solutions, and on top of this the solution supports the 802.11ac standard.

Cisco Meraki is the solution for the smaller organization, and it comes with several unique advantages when it comes to simple and easy administration. Meraki is designed with cloud in mind, and it offers web based access to Meraki’s Dashboard for quick overview of the entire network. It is also possible to define templates, which means that all configuration of new access points can be made by the click of a button.

Both Meraki and Cisco Wireless solutions can be upgraded with Connected Mobile Experience (CMX), which uses the wireless network infrastructure to collect detailed location data from wireless devices connected to the network.


Intelligent WAN

Conscia is experienced in implementing IWAN solutions for both large and small organizations and also specializes in WAN optimization. More and more applications in the office are moving from the business datacenter to one in the cloud. Use of services such as Dropbox or Skype has caused that an ever increasing amount of office data traffic is directed towards cloud based services. This increases work load which requires a more intelligent management of the traffic.

Cisco IWAN and the technology platform Cisco ISR, ASR 1000 or CSR 1000V comes with several features for addressing this challenge: Applications Visibility and Control (AVC) gives insight into the applications that are running on the network and prioritizes e.g. video conference traffic. Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) optimizes WAN traffic and reduces the bandwidth requirements, while Performance Routing (PfR) makes it possible to for example send video conferencing through the organizations own datacenter, while YouTube traffic is kept on the Internet connection.



Cisco APIC EM is a Software Defined Network controller that spans over the entire enterprise network. APIC EM creates coherence between the many devices in the network infrastructure for a significantly improved overview and more simple management. If you have an existing Cisco network, it is possible, without further investment, to add the advantages of SDN to your existing network. Configuration and provisioning can be automated and simplified significantly, and through open APIs you can tailor network services according to your specific needs. On top of this is an array of useful applications, such as ESA that simplifies design and management of physical and virtual network devices, an IWAN application that automated configuration of Intelligent WAN features on ISR 4000 devices, Plug and Play (PnP), which comes with Zero Touch Deployment for Cisco Enterprise routers, switches and WLCs and Path Trace, a Path virtualization tool that improves troubleshooting for IT administrators.