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Mobile technology and digital services are driving forces in the development process of the business. Because of this, it is important that a mobile strategy is formulated and implemented, which ensures that the It function efficiently supports the business needs. Conscia Mobility Architects have more than 10 years of experience in counseling and implementation of mobile IT solutions. We help the biggest businesses in Denmark, including  HOFOR, Novo Nordisk, Ørsted and most Danish regions and several municipalities. Our areas of expertise are:

Mobile infrastructure

Secure and efficient access to the business’ IT resources is key when realizing mobile initiatives. We make sure that WiFi infrastructure, firewalls and data center access live up to the mobile users’ requirements.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Conscia offers solutions based on some of the leading EMM/MDM products: AirWatch, Citrix XenMobile, and MobileIron. Our goal is to create solutions that are easily accessible for the users while taking minimal maintenance. We have vast experience in automating our customer’s EMM solutions with self-service or “zero touch” solutions.

This video shows you how to configure an iPhone, distribute an application and configure it for a user on less than 2½ minute:


Conscia also offers to analyze and optimize your existing MDM/EMM solution.

Productivity Tools

Besides mobile access to email, the user’s want easy access to the business intranet, files and collaboration tools (UC). We offer solutions that support all these needs – as an integrated part of an EMM-suite or as a stand-alone solution.

Single Sign-on

User validation on mobile units comes with both security and support challenges. We offer solutions that integrates with the existing IT infrastructure in the business, and which ensures user-friendly access control of business data.

App Developement

We design, develop and implement apps that improve your workflow, and realizes the potential of mobile technology. We have experience with development of solutions that support tens of thousands of users on all mobile platforms. We also advise on application infrastructure, prepare development handbooks and are very willing to help determine and drive an out sourcing strategy for mobile app development.

App Portfolio Management

Mobile apps are often developed by a business unit without any involvement of the IT department. As the number of apps grows, it becomes necessary to manage the app portfolio. We help with establishment of guidelines that ensure app ownership, take care of update processes for apps and related certificates, and which gives overview of all business apps, their use and current state.

Creating a Mobility Center of Excellence

Until the business gets sufficient experience in app development, it is often recommendable to establish a “Mobility Center of Excellence”, that can advise management, business units and the it function on the possibilities of mobile technology, including infrastructure, choice of platform, business opportunities, choice of vendor and guidelines for app development. Conscia can help establish and drive a Mobility Center of Excellence.

Strategic technology consultation

In only a few years mobile technology has become critical to the business, and the IT strategy has rarely been adapted to the new possibilities and threats this entails. This can result in the following:

  • The business initiates uncoordinated mobility activities
  • The IT infrastructure isn’t able to support the need for mobile solutions
  • Processes and project model can’t handle the short life cycle for apps and mobile units
  • The business hasn’t formulated a set of goals for the use of mobile technology, and isn’t capable of measuring the effect of mobile initiatives.

We offer help formulating and implementing a strategy that makes the business capable of exploiting the potential of mobile technology aided by the IT department.