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Conscia is a data center specialist with a special focus on Cisco’s data center portfolio. Cisco UCS, ACI and HyperFlex. Cisco UCS, ACI and HyperFlex are together with EMC Storage and VCEs Vblock our areas of expertise, which makes it possible for us to offer counselling and design of data center solutions focusing on operational stability, scalability and cost efficiency. We have extensive experience over many years with some of the biggest and most demanding data centers in Denmark.


Data Center Network: ACI

Conscia is market leading in design and counselling on implementation of Cisco ACI solutions. ACI is the result of Cisco’s SDN oriented network philosophy, where the Nexus 9000 switch series in combination with a Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) offers new possibilities for automation and management of the network. We have hands-on experience with several projects and participated in the implementation of the first Danish ACI solutions, which was also among the first in Europe. Conscia was ACI certified as the first Nordic partner, and we have a detailed strategy and a special focus on the ACI technology.



In a short period of time, Cisco has become one of the biggest manufacturers of servers to the data center, and it is Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) that forms the basis for this success. Virtualization is a big part of the UCS series design, and with the UCS Manager it is possible to define standard service profiles that makes it possible to provision new units in a matter of seconds. The UCS series also comes with high performance, scalable infrastructure, simple management and high degree of energy efficiency. Conscia has worked with the UCS series in many design, consolidation and upgrade projects in data centers in Denmark and abroad.



Automation in the data center is becoming increasingly important, as the demands for cost efficiency are rising while users requires applications that can be applied automatically and used immediately. Conscia is specialized in Cisco UCS Director, which supports the need for automation and connection of different controllers, such as UCS manager and APIC. With UCS Director and Cisco Prime Catalog, automation of server and storage is integrated with automation of network devices. This makes it possible to offer end users a self-service catalog from the organizations data center.

With Cisco’s Clickr it has also become possible to expand the automation strategy to include cloud technologies, so the private cloud can be connected to the public cloud. This is useful since many IT organizations see a rising challenge in managing “Shadow IT”, e.g. when end users on their own order cloud servers at Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform.



In EMCs portfolio Conscia is focusing on Software Defined Storage, Scale Out solutions and data protection across data centers; both as disaster recovery and high availability with full mobility of applications and data. These technologies combined with Conscia’s other data center and network competencies creates a viable path to a “hybrid cloud” platform, where the business defines the dynamic boundary between running applications in own data center and in public clouds. Conscia takes care of project management, migration and implementation and works with performance optimization of applications, storage and network as well as offering disaster recovery tests.


Converged Infrastructure

In partnership with VCE Conscia can implement block solutions aimed at specific workloads or applications. The Vblock is an ‘out of the box’ solution where most of the technology decisions have been made in advance. A Vblock is delivered preconfigured consisting of Cisco network and UCS servers, EMC storage and virtualizationsoftware from VMware. Time from order to production is quite short, and the solutions comes with integrated management for convenient day to day operations.


Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Cisco HyperFlex combines server, storage and network in the data center in a ”Single Point of Management” for both hardware and software. SSD and HDD disks are connected in one distributed data store, that in combination with UCS servers makes it possible to provision CPU and storage after application requirements. Via Cisco’s Unified Datacenter Fabric, the network forms the basis for convergence in the data center, and it furthermore makes full integration with Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) possible.