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Application and service execution is facing increasing demands to uptime and performance. The execution is done both on private and public clouds, users are typically spread across several physical locations via cable and wireless technologies. This means that the network for most companies and organizations has become the most critical part of the infrastructure.

Because of the development of the network and an increasing degree of complexity, the task of securing the critical infrastructure is growing. Conscia Network Services is our approach to managing the challenge and is focused on securing:

  • Continuity and stable operations
  • Continuous innovation and introduction of new services

The goal of Conscia Network Services can be summed up in these headlines:

  • Offering direct access to the most skilled network consultants
  • Creating the best conditions for fast incident management
  • Working proactively to secure stable operations and development of the network

The different services are based on Conscia 360 and can be combined according to need and desired service level.


Conscia 360 Services

In order to live up to the requirements to the business critical network, a contingency plan for the entire network is required. The plan must secure immediate access to highly qualified help in case of incidents and support the preparation of a long term plan for managing network devices.

With Conscia 360 the business is secured a guaranteed fast and direct access to Conscia’s technical competencies in case of incidents. Meanwhile, Conscia 360 gives access to counselling and updates on the business’ networks devices, which offers the best possible foundation for high operational stability.

360 customers are assigned a customer team consisting of Account Manager, Primary Technical Consultant and Service Manager.

  • The Primary Technical Consultant has deep knowledge of your infrastructure, which secures stable operations and minimizes downtime in case of incidents.
  • The Service Manager is responsible for customer satisfaction and the operational day-to-day cooperation including initiation of Conscia’s core delivery, preparation of a service manual and analysis of critical incidents.
  • The Account Manager is the customer’s day-to-day contact.


Asset Management

Large networks can consist of several thousand network devices, which makes asset management and serial number administration an exhaustive and complex task.

A natural part of Conscia Network Services is access to Conscia’s advanced online service portal CNS. CNS handles product life cycle and gives access to a complete overview of all devices. Devices are registered with serial number, service level, address information and other important information.

The service portal also handles internal dependencies between products, such as modules installed in chassis, and it is possible to report an incident to Conscia via the portal. Updates of products and data is automated with close integration to Cisco’s service systems, which ensures high data validity.

See the portal here


Conscia Care

Service agreements on device level is critical for ensuring the best possible help when it comes to maintenance of the network. Conscia Care ensures a service agreement on all Cisco devices in the network. The service level is chosen individually per devices and can vary from 24x7 to next business day.

In case of errors on a device, replacement equipment is sent. Conscia Care can be chosen as onsite service, where defect devices are replaced by qualified personnel. Conscia Care also gives access to all software updates from Cisco and access to Cisco’s database of technical knowledge, tools, and education.

Incident reporting is made to Conscia’s Technical Service desk who qualifies, diagnoses and expedites the request. Conscia Care gives access to Cisco TAC and includes management and administration of licenses and Product Authorization Keys (PAKs).



In order to automate more asset management processes, Conscia offers installation of a scanner (C-collector) in the network. The C-collector is developed by Cisco and is installed as a virtual appliance (vSphere) in the network.

From the network, the C-collector collects information about devices in the network. This data is imported automatically to Conscia’s service portal and associated with the individual devices. The C-collector creates coherence between the actual network and the administrative contract registration. This gives you a unique tool to ensure that you have service on the correct units while using CNS for e.g. comparison of software versions. The C-collector adds further value if it is used together with the Best Practices service.


Conscia Best Practices

Conscia Best Practices includes an array of services and recommendations that proactively ensures that the network lives up to the organization’s requirements. This is done with focus on three main areas:

  • The actual software version of a device in operation is compared with a Conscia-recommended version based on our experience and knowledge about both functionality and known software issues (requires C-collector).
  • PSIRT security announcements and Field Notices for the devices are listed, so you have the best possible conditions for being ahead of possible issues.
  • End of Sale/Support (EoX) announcements with a recommended migration product ensures that you know the extent of devices that should be replaced soon, and makes you able to use the data for e.g. budgeting.


Conscia 1:1

Conscia 1:1 is a tailor made agreement for business who require the most qualified knowledge sharing and help for securing the network. You are assigned a dedicated CCIE certified Conscia expert, who prepares a masterplan for the network. Typical examples of 1:1 deliveries are strategic roadmap for hardware and software, security analysis, review of existing infrastructure and solution design.