Company Information and SKI Framework Agreement

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Company Information

Ownership StructureConscia A/S
CEO: Peter Rafn
Owner: Conscia Holding A/S
Conscia Holding A/S
CEO: Claus Thorsgaard
Corporate Business Development: Mogens Bransholm
Owner: Nordic Capital

Company Details
Conscia A/S, Kirkebjerg Parkvej 9, DK-2605 Brøndby, Denmark
VAT nr.: 27 12 65 02
Corporate Headquarters: Brøndby
Financial Year: 1. October - 30. September

Strandvejen 44, 2900 Hellerup

Reg. no: 2149
Account. no: 0729485756
USD account: IBAN: DK1520005036521130.
EUR account: IBAN: DK3720005036521122.

Conscia is a member of AmCham Denmark


SKI Framework Agreement

Conscia is a supplier on the SKI framework agreement 02.07 Communications equipment and solutions, starting February 27, 2015 and until March 1, 2019. The agreement covers five main areas:

  1. Communications equipment (Unified Communication, MDM and EMM solutions, PBX, Gateways etc.)
  2. IT security products (Firewalls, VPN etc.)
  3. Network equipment & Data Center technology (Switches, Routers, Wireless, Servers, Storage, Data center solutions etc.)
  4. Accessories for the above mentioned
  5. Related services

Through the framework agreement Conscia can offer customers comprehensive agreements and we can update these with the newest products during the lifetime of the framework agreement.

The framework agreement facilitates either a direct assignment or a mini-tender with flexible procurement methods depending on the character of the project. This means that Conscia can deliver communications equipment, IT security products and Data Center solutions to public organizations – without time-consuming tender processes. The SKI framework agreement 02.07 is also the only public framework agreement that allows for procurement of converged data center solutions, where both network, server and storage is delivered as a unified solution that Conscia is responsible of putting into operation.

Conscia is part of the agreement in consortium with Jansson Kommunikation A/S. Conscia is also on Moderniseringsstyrelsens agreement on storage as EMC Gold Partner.