Company Information and SKI Framework Agreement

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Company Information

Conscia Danmark A/S
CEO: Peter Rafn
Owner: Conscia A/S
Conscia A/S
CEO: Claus Thorsgaard
Corporate Business Development: Mogens Bransholm
Owner: Nordic Capital

Company Details
Conscia Danmark A/S, Kirkebjerg Parkvej 9, DK-2605 Brøndby, Denmark
VAT nr.: 27 12 65 02
Financial Year: 1. October - 30. September

Reg. no: 2149
Account. no: 0729485756
USD account: IBAN: DK1520005036521130.
EUR account: IBAN: DK3720005036521122.Conscia is a member of AmCham Denmark

Strandvejen 44, 2900 Hellerup

Conscia and the SKI Framework agreements

Conscia is pleased to announce that we have been assigned the position as supplier to the upcoming, Framework Agreement 50.07 Communication Products and Solutions. The agreement is expected to take effect on September 30, 2019.

The agreement is a joint public framework agreement that replaces two existing framework agreements:

  • The voluntary SKI agreement 02.07 Communication equipment and solutions, which expired on March 2, 2019.
  • Moderniseringsstyrelsens agreement on IT network components expiring December 31, 2019.

Municipalities and regions will have the opportunity to use the agreement if they have chosen this during the accession period. A total of 73 municipalities and four regions have chosen to join the agreement. In addition, a number of other public customers, including universities and utilities, will have the opportunity to apply the agreement voluntarily without prior agreement. This means that they can use the agreement as a regular voluntary SKI agreement.

The agreement is divided into three sub-agreements:

  • Partial agreement 1 - Unified Communications and Telephony Products
  • Partial agreement 2 - Network Products
  • Partial agreement 3 - IT Security Products

Conscia has been assigned as a supplier on the partial agreement 1. On partial agreement 2 and 3, Conscia has entered into a strategic collaboration with KMD regarding Cisco deliveries. This collaboration means that Conscia assists customers with Cisco solutions, as we usually do, and order confirmation and invoice come from KMD according to the terms of the SKI framework agreement.

Conscia and KMD have entered into a similar strategic collaboration on the mandatory Framework Agreement 50.03 Servers and Storage, which became effective on 15 May 2019. The collaboration includes Cisco deliveries within Servers and Storage.

Conscia looks forward to continue our services to a large number of public customers who focus on competence and experience with new and innovative Cisco solutions. We also hope to be able to expand the public segment, as the new agreement will allow Conscia to serve government customers from 1 January 2020.