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Webinar: Kom godt i gang med en enterprise-ready cloud-platform

Simon Højland Jørgensen, Senior DevOps Cloud Engineer, CloudPartners, giver i dette webinar et indblik i, hvordan du bedst kommer i gang med en cloud-løsning, der samtidig er skalérbar.

Af Simon Højland Jørgensen


End-to-end-segmentering med ny Multi-Domain-funktionalitet fra Cisco

Conscias netværksarkitekt Daniel Dib, CCIE/CCDE, var på Cisco Live. Læs hans tanker omkring Multi-Domain-segmentering her.

Af Daniel Dib


Introduction to Segment Routing

In this blog post Jacob makes an introduction to Segment Routing with MPLS. It is a new way of using MPLS with a lot fewer involved protocols, no need for LDP, and it can be configured relatively easy with well-known verifications commands.

Af Jacob Zartmann


Revolution or evolution?

The biggest news at this summer’s Cisco Live in San Diego was not one of the usual kind. Where Cisco has been known to save the launch of new equipment, new technologies and new concepts for Cisco Live, this summer’s news was a different beast: Cisco used the opportunity to introduce their new certification program.

Af Jesper Revald


Cisco PnP

In addition to automation, DNA Center offers many other benefits. PnP, that used to be one of the main reasons for using APIC-EM, is now migrated and redesigned for DNA Center. Jacob takes a thorough look at all the features in his blog post.

Af Jacob Zartmann