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Revolution or evolution?


The biggest news at this summer’s Cisco Live in San Diego was not one of the usual kind. Where Cisco has been known to save the launch of new equipment, new technologies and new concepts for Cisco Live, this summer’s news was a different beast: Cisco used the opportunity to introduce their new certification program.

Af Jesper Revald



Learn about Split Horizon and why we don’t want L2 loops. Also read about Data Plane and Control Plane, and go in-depth with H-VPLS Configuration.

Af Jacob Zartmann

V-blog: NSO demo


In this video we demonstrate some of the possibilities to easily manage and automate many service provisioning tasks with only a limited amount of user input. It is possible to automate complex services without the need for deep technical knowledge of the platforms involved or the network topology. This demo is primarily focused on services provisioned in a Service Provider network, but is also applicable for Enterprise Networks.

Af Johnny Karms Pedersen, Systems Engineer, Conscia

Udnyt implementering af Firepower!


Med de indbyggede Next Generation Firewall Features er Firepower utrolig effektiv til blokering af eksterne trusler. Men udnytter I al den viden og information, Firepower har om jeres netværk?

I dette blogindlæg vil jeg fokusere på, hvordan I får bygget jeres Cisco Firepower Management Center og får overblik over, om enheder i jeres netværk er inficeret med malware - og dermed bliver brugt i botnet eller lignende.

Af Jesper Erbs, Systems Engineer, Conscia

Conscia presents reporting application for Cisco DNA Center


At Cisco Live, Cisco’s annual IT and communications conference in Orlando, Florida, Cisco Gold Partner Conscia, based in Denmark, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, presents an application that derives customer-specific information from network devices using the Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs available in the Cisco DNA Center, which is the foundational controller and analytics platform at the heart of Cisco’s intent-based network architecture.

Cisco ACI - adding value to organisations


Use a few minutes to learn more about Cisco ACI and how a secure and automated Data Center solution adds value to your infrastructure. Conscia’s CTO, Henrik Møll, talks about the technology and the strong partnership between Cisco and Conscia.

 Af Henrik Møll, CTO, Conscia

Cisco Hyperflex is the best fit for our customers


Conscia always keeps focus on the technologies that Cisco brings to market. In 2010 we sold our first Cisco UCS-servers, and therefore it was a natural step for us to use HyperFlex as the foundation for hyperconverged infrastructure solutions.

Af Peter Arberg, CTO, Conscia