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Learn about Split Horizon and why we don’t want L2 loops. Also read about Data Plane and Control Plane, and go in-depth with H-VPLS Configuration.

Af Jacob Zartmann


Med Conscia på RSA Sikkerhedskonference

Henrik Skovfoged rapporterer overskrifterne fra den store RSA Sikkerhedskonference i San Francisco, som han deltager i.

Af Henrik Skovfoged, Director – Systems Engineering, Conscia


V-blog: NSO demo

In this video we demonstrate some of the possibilities to easily manage and automate many service provisioning tasks with only a limited amount of user input. It is possible to automate complex services without the need for deep technical knowledge of the platforms involved or the network topology. This demo is primarily focused on services provisioned in a Service Provider network, but is also applicable for Enterprise Networks.

Af Johnny Karms Pedersen, Systems Engineer, Conscia


Conscia - Cisco Life Cycle Advisor

Conscia is very strong on optimizing the Customer Experience via LifeCycle Management. Watch this video where Martin Høyer, Director Delivery & Services, Conscia, talks about how Conscia accelerates the opportunities that companies can obtain via a lifecycle strategy.

 Af Martin Høyer, Leverancedirektør, Conscia


Duo Security

Cisco har netop afsluttet opkøbet af endnu et firma i deres sikkerhedsportefølje, nemlig Duo Security. Duo Security laver multifaktor autentifikation og er et produkt, som integrerer sig godt ind i Ciscos sikkerhedsportefølje. Læs hvad Henrik Skovfoged ser frem til ved denne integration.

Af Henrik Skovfoged, Director – System Engineering, Conscia